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Life in Freshwater

Succession is concerned with community development over time. Find out more in our general section on Succession

2nd Stage of Hydrosere - Colonisation

The propagules that have arrived, either by being carried or blown by the wind, begin to grow and develop. Cysts of protists like the amoeba will hatch and begin to feed on bacteria that has blown in. If the temperature is rising in late spring to early summer we would expect the algae to quickly begin to grow and the surface covering over with blanket weed. This will give some shelter and refuge to the insects that have migrated here. The diatoms multiply and begin to bloom.

The process of immigration continually brings in new species that, if they like the conditions, will stay and begin the process of multiplication. This will lead to a community of plants and animals getting established. However, the conditions are far from perfect. With so much open water shelter will be limited and the habitat unstable.

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