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Water Lilies

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White water lily
Water water lily

This floating plant has circular leaves which are less than 30 cm across. The flowers have 20-25 petals and up to 200 mm across, held flush with water surface. Inhabits still fresh water, that is not acidic. Abundant across UK.

ECOLOGY: The water lily has stomata on the top surface of its leaves. This is so that when the leaves float on the water surface gas exchange can take place from above. The leaves contain a high level of air spaces to allow it to float. It is a perennial and has a large, thick rhizome buried in the mud at the bottom of the pond or lake.

Yellow Water Lily (Nuphar lutea) The leaves of this floating plant are 40 cm across and oval. The flowers have 5-6 yellow sepals, which are 40-60 mm across and are held clear of the water. The flowers smell of alcohol.


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